Macy Topp and Jess Pratt decided to venture into a new business in the haze of the recession hoping to fulfill the American dream of being self-employed. The result: Pixie Salon was opened in October of 2009.

After many hours of hard work and years of developing the skills needed for salon ownership, they were able to find the ideal location in the Kingfield neighborhood. Together they bring more than 20 years of hair experience and the dedication of providing a fun and relaxing atmosphere that brings clients in again and again, as well as superior services.

Pixie strives to find new and innovative ways to become zero waste. We currently recycle whenever possible in addition to composting hair clippings and other organics. Our very own Amber Knapper is an avid promoter of composting - you can find her teaching zero waste grocery shopping at the local co-op. For more information on composting visit

Jess Pratt

Jess left North Dakota in 2001 to attend the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. She started her career at a salon where she was able to hone her skills providing aesthetician services, manicures and pedicures - as well as cuts and colors. After spending years in St. Paul she crossed the river to South Minneapolis. There she met Macy. Once they discovered they both have the drive to become self employed - the search for the perfect spot began.

Jess is constantly keeping her skills fresh by attending Aveda Congress annually, the Chicago hair show and various Schwarzkopf classes.

When Jess isn't at salon, she's a busy mother attending basketball games and baseball practices.

Jess provides cuts, colors and facial waxing.



Macy Topp

Macy graduated from Scot Lewis School of Cosmetology in 2002 as a second career. She graduated from Augsburg College with a studio and art history double degree and had worked for several years in the non-profit sector.  And then she decided to make a change and learn a new skill. Once graduating, she worked at several salons in the metro area before meeting her future business partner, Jess Pratt.

Macy is an avid attendee of local hair training classes at such places as Schwartkopf, Moxie,  Brocato and Intelligent Nutrients.

In her free time she likes to travel with her husband and hang with her dogs.

Macy provides cuts and colors.

Amber Knapper

Amber was born and raised in south Minneapolis. After graduating from South High, Amber enrolled Mankato Cosmetology Training Center in 2003. Since then she hopped around town to different salons until 2009 when her life took a new direction and she moved to Chicago. Just before her departure she met Jess and Macy. Two years later she made her way back to the Minneapolis and joined the Pixie Gang. Amber wears many hats both professionally and personally.

Not only is she an attentive mother of two she is a certified massage therapist and esthetician. 

In her spare time Amber raises chickens, makes her our bread and teaches minimal waste classes at her local co-op.

Amber specializes in cuts, colors and facial waxing.